Contact Management

Get Your Contacts Organized and Accessible on the Go

GoNotes contact management system helps you look like a rock star - with all your important contact information organized in one convenient place. It’s simple and easy to use, so you can stay focused on doing what you love—whether that’s styling, grooming, massaging, training, lawyering, or whatever. Your information is at your fingertips whether you are at your desk or using a tablet or mobile phone on the go.

As a professional it’s important to be prepared for each appointment—you’ll provide better service and it shows your clients that you care. With GoNotes contact management system, your clients will feel like you know them better than some of their own friends or family members. Each contact profile contains standard information such as name, phone numbers, email and mailing address. You can also upload (or take using your phone) a personal photo so you can find them in a crowd, as well as add comments or notes so you can keep their most important details top of mind (allergies, recent surgeries, family, children, job change, etc.) In addition, all contact comments, notes and appointments are conveniently linked directly from each contact profile.

Control Contact Communications

Set your contacts’ communication preferences and GoNotes will send appointment reminders, thank you notes, birthday messages and other key communication automatically. Each of your contacts can be identified as either a prospect or a client, so you can better target your eNurturing marketing messages.

Searchable Contact Directory

All of your contacts are conveniently located in a searchable directory. With our modern, responsive design you’ll quickly find the contact you are looking for whether you are searching by name, email address, profile comments, or client notes.

Check out our contact management video for more information.

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